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The Scouts of November

January 12, 2008

It is very difficult to get males of a certain age to give up football of a Fall Saturday, but Scout master Jon and two of his lads went out marking trail from the Spitzenberg to Montrose Station Road.

As you can see, our boys used additional energy to climb around the old rain shelter on Spitzenberg summit.

Scouts on Spitzenberg


Liz at the Wheel

September 21, 2007

We were busy in August and September, though mainly dealing with officialdom. We also have gathered new individuals and groups to work on the Hudson Trail. However, we have made use of the yellow measuring wheel mentioned in the previous post.

Take a look at the video to see Elizabeth (named ACL for assistant crew leader by Bob) putting the wheel through its paces on the Spitzenberg.

Liz at the Wheel