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The first day of summer ’07

June 25, 2007

From Turkey’s lofty summit, up in Westchester’s high peak region, we produced this short video showing Jeanine surveying the start of the Hudson Trail some 35 miles away. Excellent vision is yours if you can detect the Manhattan skyline. Also visible is the route of the Hudson Trail between the Croton Reservoir and the Hudson River.

Views from Turkey Mountain


Scouting the Hudson Trail

June 10, 2007

Here are two gems from our early June, ’07 scout.

First up at bat is this ice cream stand at the location of the old train depot in Philmont, NY. This could be the answer to a hiker’s dream, walking on the railroad right-of-way.
Site of Philmont Depot

Next, the trail will go over this workman-like bridge at Schuylerville:
Bridge over the Hudson River

We were delighted to see a walkway on the bridge.

Scouting in Stanfordville

May 1, 2007

While scouting, I made a

movie of the railroad bed that will be part of the Hudson trail.