Spring Work

The return of the grackles to Mt. Kisco has prompted us to start plans for the Spring and Summer. As you may already know, we are replacing painted blazes in the NY State portions of the South Trek with our spanking new markers.

The South Trek is composed of 7 sections, each a day’s march. The status of each section is:

  1. Urban (High Bridge to Lamarine Ave, Yonkers): the 4+ miles from High Bridge to the Bronx-Westchester border is unmarked at present. The route is not difficult to follow except for the portion going through Van Cortlandt Park, which requires a map to negotiate. The northern portion from the Bronx border to Lamarine Avenue is marked, mostly in paint, and markers need to be tacked up.
  2. Suburban (Lamarine Ave to footbridge over Rt. 117 in Sleepy Hollow): this section is in the process of having the proto-blazes replaced by markers.
  3. Croton (Rt. 117 bridge to New Croton Dam): we are almost finished replacing the proto-blazes with markers. We have started the writing of the trail guide with this section.
  4. Blue Mountain (New Croton Dam to Route 6): Since this section is Westchester County property and roads, the marking is painted blazes and is complete.
  5. Gallows Hill (Route 6 to Bell Hollow Road): this section is marked completely in paint.
  6. Fahnestock (Bell Hollow Road to McKeels Corners–Routes 9 and 301): The Hudson Trail here is marked in paint up through Bell Hollow to Sunken Mine Road where it crosses the AT. We will replace the blazes along Sunken Mine Road with markers. The route in the state park is under negotiation.
  7. Highlands (McKeels Corners to the city of Beacon): the beginning of this section is marked to Nelsonville in paint. The portions in Highlands State Park are under negotiation.

We have only begun measuring the route using our measuring wheel. You know, folks, this is quite an adventure. If you want to join us in any of these activities (wheeling, putting up markers, painting, walking, or writing the trail guide), please let us know.


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