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Highways now Hudson Trail!

December 27, 2007

Boy, did we get good news! Three towns: the Highway Departments of Cortlandt, Philipstown, and Putnam Valley have each enthusiastically approved the route of the Hudson Trail along their roads.

Thank you: Roger, Gary and Joe, and Kathleen.

See the page on the right to access the current route using Google Maps or Google Earth.


Christmas Day Hijinks

December 27, 2007

We found a blue metal trail marker at the junction of the Hudson Trail and Dickie Brook Trail in Blue Mountain Reservation. As you can see, a giant must have put this up. However, Bob still was able to add the Hudson Trail logo.

Click to see “Anything to put a marker on a tree”

Blue Mountain Reservation

Winter Work

December 15, 2007

Bob put in blazes to connect a piece of trail in the town of Cortland.

Santa Bob painting the woods
Click for a Santa’s gone to blazes show