The first day of summer ’07

From Turkey’s lofty summit, up in Westchester’s high peak region, we produced this short video showing Jeanine surveying the start of the Hudson Trail some 35 miles away. Excellent vision is yours if you can detect the Manhattan skyline. Also visible is the route of the Hudson Trail between the Croton Reservoir and the Hudson River.

Views from Turkey Mountain


3 Responses to “The first day of summer ’07”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    It was windy, but I don’t remember it being that loud. Manhattan just jumped out when I used the binoculars. To the north, we could see the Catskills.

  2. Island Princsess Says:

    Hi Grampa I love you and miss you VERY much! Your blog is really really cool and I can not wait till i get out there. I might see snow for my first time.

  3. dan Says:

    I love it! I look forward to more detail on the trail. I’ll go check out the Google Earth community now.

    In the meantime, here’s a GPS trail of a section of a through-hike that I’ve been working on that will take walkers from the Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Byram River in Greenwich, CT to the Bear Mtn. Bridge and the AT. I call it the Short Path in honor of the Long Path.

    I ran/walked this 26 mile section on the first day of summer 2007. It goes from near Byram Lake in Armonk to my house in Croton. It is about 60% non-car walking (trails and bike paths) and 35% backroads (no double yellow lines) and 5% roads with double yellow lines.

    Seems like we should join forces? Please contact me if you have a moment.

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